Gold Coast Mining Corp (GDSM) Launches, Acknowledges Future

Yesterday afternoon, Gold Coast Mining Corporation officially released their marijuana social media website,

 HereitFirst had early access to the website via a GoToMeeting with GDSM CEO, Mike Shea, and MJ-Xchange Webmaster, Barbara Carroll. Our experience was documented prior to the launch of the website and as you can see from our preliminary review article, we loved what GDSM was able to create in such a short time. Now that everyone has had a chance to see and experience the website, as well as hear more about the upcoming plans for the website, we will go into more detail about the company.

“The launch exceeded our expectations, with 50 new members within minutes of opening the site to the public. As of this morning, MJ-Xchange has approximately 260 members and we expect growth to continue.”

– Michael Shea, CEO of GDSM

The website features include forums, personal pages, investment tools (e.g. live feed of the MJ Index), chat rooms, music, videos, games and much more. – Marketwired   With a similar look and feel to an old school Facebook, and the incorporation of forums and blogs; MJ-Xchange is setting itself up to cater to all social media users. The website is home to groups for everyone; from traders to non-users to musicians.

In case you were wondering, the love for the website is not only talk. HereitFirst/OTCDaily (see our page here) has an active page on the website and we were embraced by the community right away. We received a warm welcome from beta user Maddog1313 and the Webmaster minutes after creation, and entered a full conversation with user and fan, Biodynamic Creations, using the website’s built in chat capabilities moments before starting this article.

MJXC Screenshot

The press release from earlier today also mentioned a Version 2.0, of the website, which will include additional content and a mobile app, a topic touched on during our GoToMeeting.

“We have turned the corner and future is bright, I expect to be launching our new brand of products, and as importantly, our new ad server service. This is truly an exciting time for the Company,” 

– Mike Shea, CEO of GDSM

What does this mean for GDSM?  After having a turbulent week thus far, due to the increased trading leading into, and following, the website release, GDSM should see the volatility subside and for slow growth to begin. Gold Coast has released a great product to build off of, with the huge potential of the upcoming ad server service. GDSM is a long term play with good short term potential of daily and weekly swings of 10%-50%. I don’t see GDSM having a breakout until the website begins to bring in significant revenue, or more news is released regarding the ad server for marijuana websites (a market struggling to gain advertisements). Mike Shea has helped to bring together a great ground-level website, and lined up a bright future for the company. Shea’s confidence and pedigree has built a level of trust with the shareholders, and this trust will continue to grow as the promises made by Gold Coast are fulfilled. GDSM has secured a spot at the top of my watchlist, right next to my other long term play, MYEC.


Also, I have finally joined the Twitter community. I am making myself more available for you, the viewer, to contact me and ask me about the stocks I follow and write about (or anything else you may have questions about).

Best regards,

Rosenberg (@OTCDaily)

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3 Responses to Gold Coast Mining Corp (GDSM) Launches, Acknowledges Future

  1. tommyb1984 says:

    you couldn’t have said it any better!

  2. trey says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Very eloquent as usual…

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