No PreMarket Alert ( Alert Will Come During Trading Hours)

Good evening everybody. I do not have a premarket stock pick for you guys today. I apologize for the inconvenience due to the fact that I failed to find a stock I liked from a fundamental or technical stand point. Therefore tomorrow’s pick will be a scanner play, if an appealing option appears in my research, I will most likely notify you guys around 945-1015, 12-1 or EOD 3-4pm ( All time frames are in eastern standard time. These time frames are not random as I routinely scan around those given time frames.

As for my Open Trades/ 5/28 Transactions

SPEX- Entry 3.26 Exit 4.05

MYEC- Entry .0328 (last Friday) Exit .035 ( 5/28)

Picked up 3 options EOD

DDD June 13 52$ calls

GOOG June 6 570 calls

TSLA June 6 215$ calls

Goodluck and Goodnight everyone! You will hear from me during trading hours tomorrow!

About Mitchell Fung

Forex ,Stocks & Option Trading Contact Us if you have any more questions. Email- Twitter- Hereitfirst_ Instagram- Hereitfirst Paypal Email for donations
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