Gold Coast Mining Corp. (GDSM) Set to Launch MJ-Xchange

Tomorrow, April 29th, Gold Coast Mining Corp. is set to release their marijuana social media website, Members of the the Here it First team have been following the journey of MJ-Xchange, and are greatly anticipating the opportunity to create an account an mingle with the community.

This weekend, Mike Shea and Barbara Carroll were gracious enough to let us experience the website prior to the release. For those who missed our prior article (see here), we were very impressed with the immense amount of progress made in such a short time. The community has been let down by the recent releases of other marijuana and MMJ websites (UTRM stock plummets and HEMP releases a website out of 1999), but like I mentioned in the last article, GDSM has done it differently.

Mike Shea, and the team at MJ-Xchange, have put together a user friendly social media site, that is as visually appealing as the leaders of the market. There is plenty of room to grow and that’s where the shareholders and users come in. The site is for the people, your questions and concerns will be addressed as they were during the beta period. Mike has made a commitment to excellence and a brighter future; GDSM 2.0 is on it’s way.

I suggest.. I URGE everyone who is a shareholder, potential shareholder, or a member of the marijuana lifestyle community to attend the webinar tomorrow. Experiencing the website with the guidance of GDSM, allowed us to see the website through their eyes. Mike and Carroll are genuinely excited with the future that MJ-Xchange brings; and once you experience the webinar and website, you will too.

Tomorrow, the website will be launched to the public; and at 1:00 pm EST that day, the company will host a webinar demonstrating the website. To register for access to the webinar, click here. Make sure you register, this is something you want to be a part of.

Also, I have finally joined the Twitter community. I am making myself more available for you, the viewer, to contact me and ask me about the stocks I follow and write about (or anything else you may have questions about).

Best regards,

Rosenberg (@OTCDaily)

Feel free to contact me at

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3 Responses to Gold Coast Mining Corp. (GDSM) Set to Launch MJ-Xchange

  1. trey says:

    Great article. GDSM- THE FB of the MJ industry! What a Bright Future! Exactly what the industry needed.

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