Gold Coast Mining Corp. (GDSM) Unveils to Here it First

Earlier today, Gold Coast Mining Corp. CEO Mike Shea and webmaster Barbara Carroll provided a guided tour of MJ-Xchange to members of Here it First.

Earlier this week, Here it First was contacted by GDSM to review the upcoming marijuana social networking site This afternoon, we were lucky enough to see the website and all of it’s features via GoToMeeting.

The conversation with Mike and Barbara was very professional and confirmed many of my beliefs about GDSM; they genuinely value their shareholders. As the private beta approached, GDSM decided to use their shareholders as the testers of MJ-Xchange. What they found was even more astounding; the shareholders genuinely value Gold Coast.

The requests, critiques and criticism began to pour in, and the Company took all of them to heart. Mike Shea expressed that the site was created by members, for members; and when complimented on the appearance and ease of access, Mike responded that the shareholders played a huge role and that MJ-Xchange “would not look like this without them.”

Gold Coast has created a fully functioning, marijuana social networking website for everyone from the recreational user to the MMJ patient to the non-using stock trader. MJ-Xchange is a safe and secure website for people, 18 and older, to be a part of the marijuana lifestyle community.

After being very critical of and (see here), and cautiously optimistic of the upcoming release (see here), GDSM has shown us that they are the real deal. MJ-Xchange is built to grow and evolve as the community does, very similarly to the way Facebook and MySpace did when they first came on the scene.

All in all, Here it First was impressed with MJ-Xchange and GDSM’s commitment to excellence. GDSM is a stock to watch, and has continued to make it’s way up my watchlist, into my top 5 to watch. Expect to see us on once it is officially released on Tuesday, 4/29. As noted in our previous post (see here); on April 29th, the website will be launched to the public; and at 1:00 pm EST that day, the company will host a webinar demonstrating the website. To register for access to the webinar, click here.

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Rosenberg (OTC Daily)

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5 Responses to Gold Coast Mining Corp. (GDSM) Unveils to Here it First

  1. tommyb1984 says:

    Great read, I was waiting for this review all afternoon

  2. trey rutledge says:

    There are many eyes that were waiting for this. I am pleasantly surprised with the review and the flattering remarks about the companies future potential. Mike Shea is demonstrating his pioneering vision and ability to make good on his promises in a timely manner. GDSM has a bright future. Barbara Carroll is apparently quite the webmaster, I feel confident she will produce a masterpiece in the exchange and with the Ad server.

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