Gold Coast Mining Corporation (GDSM) Provides Updates on MJ-Xchange, Trademark Application and More

Earlier today, Gold Coast Mining Corporation updated shareholders on the beta testing of their marijuana social media website, The company will also be holding a webinar to showcase the website and it’s capabilities.

GDSM announced that the beta testing of has been going extremely well. Unlike the most recent MMJ website releases, MJ-Xchange has been privately beta-tested by volunteer shareholders. The company has increased the attractiveness and offerings of the website by responding to suggestions and feedback from these testers.

On April 29th, the website will be launched to the public; and at 1:00 pm EST that day, the company will host a webinar demonstrating the website. To register for access to the webinar, click here.

In creating and testing the website, GDSM found that major ad providers (AdSense, etc.) will not provide ads for websites in the marijuana industry. To combat the hurdle, the company has contacted potential advertisers to place ads on the site. The company is also working to fill this void of advertisements in the sector. GDSM is developing its own software platform that will be used on a fee basis by any and all the participants in the marijuana industry. The Company views this product offering as potential source of significant revenue, as well as enhancing its visibility in the industry. – Marketwired 

Gold Coast has also filed to trademark it’s new brand, which will be used to sell apparel and accessories on MJ-Xchange.

What does this mean for GDSM? My opinion of MMJ websites has grown and changed while following UTRM and HEMP.

First: Initial launch date of UTRM

Next: UTRM delays launch, HEMP should have delayed launch

Recently: UTRM disappoints with launch, stock drops

Although these disappointing releases have dampened my position on MMJ websites, GDSM has approached their website in a different manner. Gold Coast has used a private beta of shareholders, provided weekly updates and have become “more robust in its offerings and attractiveness than originally envisioned” by listening to the feedback of testers. Following the bust of UTRM and HEMP attempts, I am definitely not all-in on GDSM. However, this update, including the public webinar to educate users, has drawn my intrigue and increased trust. I will be closely following launch, and more updates will follow the 4/29 release.

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Rosenberg (OTC Daily)

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19 Responses to Gold Coast Mining Corporation (GDSM) Provides Updates on MJ-Xchange, Trademark Application and More

  1. trey says:

    Mike Shea has an impeccable resume. How pioneering to create an ad server to host content since the industry is being ostracized. I have no doubt the launch will be a success.

    • We are currently scheduled to video chat with Mike Shea and GDSM tomorrow at 2pm EST. Stay tuned

      • trey says:

        I will be watching, thanks Mitchell.

      • Mark Sockwell says:

        That’s EDT, we’re on daylight savings time now :). That’s Monday at 2pm, not today, correct?

      • Mike Rosenberg says:

        It will be today at 2pm ET / 11am PT. Updates will follow later in the day, those on the mailing list will receive an update to their email.

      • trey says:

        I really appreciate that you are scheduling this prior to the launch. Very in line with your name. Thanks, I hope you are able to ask some tough questions about audited financials and the balance sheet, his immediate action steps for creating multiple revenue streams quickly, and how his search for store fronts and manufacturing has been moving along. Also, in light on the ad server and how are revenue projections looking second quarter. 😉 Thanks

      • Mark Sockwell says:

        Mike, thanks for responding so quickly. Really looking forward to the video chat. Will the video chat be available to view after the chat concludes?
        And Trey, great comments. I hope your questions are addressed and if so, most importantly, that Mike Shea answers them in a very concise and positive way — that is very critical, imo.

  2. trey says:

    Agreed, we don’t want to overload the man. But, I sure would appreciate some insight… At least tell me the good. Dance around the bad and let me feel through the gray… All in all I feel there is much good coming IMHO. 😉

  3. Mike Rosenberg says:

    There will be no image or video capturing of MJ-Xchange. Mike Shea and his team were gracious enough to afford us the opportunity to experience MJ-Xchange prior to release, and in no way do we want any actions of Here it First to violate Regulation Fair Disclosure. We think very highly of Mr. Shea and GDSM, and look forward to the bright future that all of their endeavors will bring.

    We always keep you, the viewer, in mind and will do our best to provide information as well as our opinions on GDSM and

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  5. YeajlinaP says:

    Its really tremendous design. Too nice job. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. I have read your post thank you for posting such a great information.

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