Tranzbyte Corp (ERBB) Signs a Distribution Agreement with iTalk, Inc. (TALK)

Late Tuesday night, Tranzbyte Corp announced a distribution agreement with iTalk for their cloud connectivity solution “CloudTalk”.

CloudTalk (see here) is the first ultra secure vending machine and credit card processing connectivity solution made specifically for the medical marijuana industry, which makes it a perfect match for Tranzbyte’s ZaZZZ vending services. CloudTalk’s next generation products will include biometrics, machine virtualization and ultra-secure storage and access solutions. – Globe Newswire   This “next generation biometric market” is projected to be worth over $23 billion by 2020.

Tranzbyte is a premier alternative technology company whose product ZaZZZ(tm) facilitates legal sale and dispensation of age-controlled products. When we can enhance our technology with ultra-secure connectivity that enables worry free ecommerce processes in an environment where consumer data security concerns are at an all-time high, it is important to choose the right partner. iTalk’s new CloudTalk is the product that stands out ahead of the rest”

– Stephen Shearin, COO of Tranzbyte

“We have chosen an innovator in the alternative medical space to launch the distribution of CloudTalk. We are excited to be working with an industry giant such as Tranzbyte. Our secure mobile connectivity solution, ‘CloudTalk’, mitigates consumer risks associated with mobile computing, m-commerce and smart OS-enabled devices which will allow for ultra-secure medical marijuana purchases without the risk or exposure of consumer data”

– David F. Levy, CEO of iTalk

What does this mean for ERBB and TALK? This is great news for these two innovators, of their respective industries. ERBB now has a layer of security protecting both the customers and dispensaries, using their ZaZZZ vending machines. ERBB has been able to generate massive amounts of media exposure, after releasing it’s ZaZZZ American Green(TM) Machines. This deal helps to exhibit Tranzbyte’s commitment to providing high quality services, and dispensaries will definitely take note. Expect increased ZaZZZ orders from the big name dispensaries, and continued growth and progress in the MMJ vending machine sub-market.

As for TALK, acquiring this distribution agreement just one week after announcing the launch of CloudTalk is a big deal.  TALK’s plan for 2014 was to “massively expand the sales of their hardware devices in the U.S.A., South America and Asia” (– 2014 Financial Plan) and this distribution agreement is definitely a step in that direction. iTalk has made their way on to my watchlist, and I expect more good news out of the communications and mobile broadband service provider.

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Rosenberg (OTC Daily)

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