QASP: Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. Analysis

On Wednesday we day traded QASP  “QASP- Picked QASP due to it’s strong support at 18. All week QASP has been testing support at 18 and it HELD every single time!” That was the technical perspective of QASP ( Buy at the price where the ticker tests strong support levels. Now we have a fundamental analysis on the long term perspective of QASP.

This fundamental analysis was written by Teamxvv. To read the original article click here 

QASP was incorporated in 2009, current market value is $3,267,625 and trading at .0019. According to the company profile,Quasar Aerospace Industries manufactures aircraft and aircraft components and operates flight training operations. QASP was formerly known as Equus Resources, Inc., Forst Hunter International Trade Corp., and Hunter International Trade Corp.

Until March 2014, QASP was concentrating on Pilot Training, Mentoring Programs ,Competitive Aircraft, -Flight School Financing, Strategic Acquisitions, Airplane Loans and Sales. Since the Marijuana industry have been legalized at a growing pace, QASP joined the group of small companies that is joining the MJ Industry. On March 27th of 2014, QASP CEO traveled to Colorado to meet face to face with several parties to possibly branch into the MJ Industry and on April 8th, the company announced that it has reached final terms with a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary and warehouse in Denver, Colorado. The terms will be reviewed by counsel to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations for final approval and if approved, it will permit QASP to move forward with the deal. The dispensary is Natures Cure III, LLC and carries raw marijuana, BHO, hash, edibles, tincture, salves, shake and accessories. Natures Cure is facing a problem of not having enough supply to met the high demand of cannabis and their growth facility is ready for expansion. QASP believes once the deal is approved, stock price and shareholder value should increase and improve.

On April 11th of 2014, QASP released an unaudited annual report. The company was listed under “OTC Pink Limited Information” and on April 15th of 2014, QASP attorney sent a letter to become a “OTC Pink Current Information”. It is a big step for the company.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.25.23 PM


Last year, the stock reached a peak of .0055 and then has been falling slowly. After a slow fall and been neutral for a while, the stock finally started to move on March 21, 2014 and reached a high of .0038. Even though QASP reported positive news with their last press releases, the stock has not jumped or moved up significantly. As of March 31 2014, QASP has short interest of  214,878 shares which could be affecting the stock price and the reason behind why the stock has not moved up with the positive press releases. If you don’t know what shorting means, please read

QASP is currently on our neutral list. QASP has been trading between .0018-.0025 for the last 10 days. Once the deal is approved and shorts cover the shares, QASP will move towards a positive increase in stock price. We believe QASP will move to our Bullish list soon.





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10 Responses to QASP: Quasar Aerospace Industries, Inc. Analysis

  1. Jacksonvillejack says:

    QASP is a scam. A share selling pump & dump. This is all about toxic financing, fake press releases, hype, and massive selling led by a notorious death spiral diluter who is selling millions of shares into this latest pump attempt. Read up on Joe Canouse, his history, previous QASP scams and the other scams he’s masterminded.

  2. Joe Whom says:

    Pump and dump or NOT…dont really care…but make sure they take it to the pennyland multi pennies perhaps…cause my millions of shares that I started accumulating since .000’s IS LOOKING GOOD…

    • That’s where I agree. As much as I hate pump and dumps. That’s part of the business and if you wanna make money you should follow the pump. doesn’t matter if your right about a stock it’s what everyone else thinks. If it’s a great stock and everyone is selling you might be right but you are losing money.

  3. Joe Whom says:

    @ Mitchell nahhh…NOT ME..I am up HUGE…waiting for pennyland or multi pennies to sell…

  4. Joe Whom says:

    Ok I will check out PRPM…but QASP is my gold mine…. I already figure out ur tactics in trading…hey its all is all about making money…


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