UPDATE: HempWire, LLC. (MJNA & LVVV joint venture) Receives First Purchase Order

Just one day after announcing the launch of HempWire, LLC (see here); the joint venture of Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) and LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (LVVV) has proudly announced, that it has received it’s first purchase order.

 The was a buzz around the world’s first CBD-rich hemp oil-infused functional food products. – Globe Newswire  But, it was not expected that an order of this size would be received less than 24 hours after launch. The initial purchase order is for $1.1 million, and will jump-start the HempWire operation.

“We’ve been working closely with the product development team at Medical Marijuana, Inc. for the past three months. Our goal has been to become the market leader in this category, and with this order we take a significant step towards setting a standard for CBD-rich hemp oil functional foods.”

– Bill Hodson, CEO of LiveWire

What does this mean for MJNA and LVVV? My position hasn’t changed from yesterday’s post on HempWire (here), but my estimate of it possibly taking a few quarters to really begin to see the effects was blown away. HempWire has hit the ground running and will begin filling this order immediately. It was understood that the demand for goods in the marijuana sector was very high, and this purchase order proves it. I completely expect to see both MJNA and LVVV more active over the next few weeks than I initially expected. Both stocks are working their way up my watchlist.

Best regards,

Rosenberg (OTC Daily)

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