Where We Stand And What the Global Lock Means for PRPM

PRPM..Why do we love PRPM? Simple, their positive direction and more importantly THEIR BUYBACK PLAN!. As you all know I used to frequently day trade, 3-5 days would be a typical day in my book. However I recently loaded up my portfolio with PRPM ( 3 million shares) and I’ve just been riding the swings, ( last week alone I buying the 8s, selling at 10 and 12, buying the 6’s selling the 10’s). Ive been hardly trading anything BUT PRPM. With PRPM I see the next UTRM. UTRM saw a explosion from .0026 to .0144 in a few trading days due to their 3 billion share retirement plan. What does PRPM have planned? You guessed it a buy back plan. However, PRPM was recently placed on Global Lock as the current management is trying to clean up the mess from the previous regime. I see this as a positive sign therefore I will be holding PRPM for the short to intermediate future.

Extra details on PRPM and the global lock below Written by Teamxvv Go check them out! Click here for the original article!

PRPM was incorporated in 2005, their current market value is $2,421,775 and currently trading at 0.0008.  New government laws regulating the sale and consumption of marijuana provide unprecedented opportunities for financial gain. This rapidly growing industry is expected to gross over $2 Billion dollars in 2014 from the sale of legal recreational cannabis. Across the USA, many states are legalizing and taxing the sale of cannabis for medical and recreational use, a trend likely to continue over the next decade. The 420 industry is attracting many talented professionals and enthusiastic investors seeking profits. Luxuriant Holdings is a leader in both the medical and recreational cannabis industries. The company will seek partnerships with established brands and provide venture capital funds to manufacturers, growers and retail franchise operations. Vertical integration will allow Luxuriant Holdings control over the production, transportation and sale of cannabis in legal markets, such as Washington and Colorado. Luxuriant Holdings is capable of providing experienced consulting services to growers and start-up companies. The company’s Board of Directors has strong ties to cannabis activists and media outlets. As marijuana legalization continues to sweep the United States, Luxuriant Holdings will be ready to establish regional grow operations in new markets.

PRPM went through 3 name changes since they were incorporated and they report unaudited financials as of now. February and March has been a very busy and active month for the company, but the there is almost no movement in the stock price. On February 3rd, the company announced name change and entrance into the Medical Marijuana and Legal Marijuana sector.  In February, the company announced it’s attendance at the 2014 Washington Cannabis Exhibit, started three pilot stores in Colorado, Washington and Texas, acquisition of Kolbe Global Logistics LLC, cancellation of reverse stock split and appointed new person to the board of directors. In March, the company started development of ERP software completely customized for the cannabis marketplace, plans to acquire Vortex Waterpipes and announce exhibit at the Denver Buyers industry Guide tradeshow in April, announced partnership with their first grower in Washington state, signed a long-term funding agreement with Mastiff LLC, announced “One Stop Solution” for Cannabis growers and sale of their ERP software MaryGen for an equity stake valued at over $500,000 to 3D Eye solutions. In April, the company formed a fund to aid families in need of assistance in gaining access to the medicine needed.

Recently, PRPM was put on Global lock by the DTC and the SEC. If you are wondering what that means, please read http://teamxvv.com/what-is-dtc-chill-or-freeze/ Basically, unless PRPM fixes their issue with the DTC or SEC, the company will not be traded on any broker. The CEO wrote a letter to the investors mentioning the current situation and they are progressing towards resolving the issue with the DTC. It is listed on our neutral list until the situation is solved. When a company is neutral, it could go bullish or bearish depending on the company’s next move. If the situation gets solved and if the share reduction takes place, the company does have a bright future and will be bullish.

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