PLUG- Plug power has had a massive 2014.  After a low of .15 cents in 2013 PLUG hit highs of 11.40 before Citron’s damning report. The momentum swings for PLUG have calmed down for the mean time as it is sitting at $7.12. At Hereitfirst we were long plug from December ( 1.45) to late March ( Sold off 1200 shares 2 Fridays ago at 5.90, A few analysts just picked up April 19 8$ PLUG CALLS on friday). Since PLUG has had a massive change through out the last 4 months we feel it necessary to update you guys on the stock. The article below was written by @Teamxvv, to view the original article click here

PLUG has been around a for a while, their current market value is $1.02 billion and trading at $7.48. Company description from the website is: Plug Power has revolutionized the material handling industry with cost-effective power solutions that increase productivity, lower operating costs and reduce carbon footprints. Plug Power’s GenDrive® fuel cell is a superior alternative to lead-acid batteries for electric lift trucks in the $20 billion global material handling market. As desire for alternative energy solutions grows, fuel cells will play a critical role in the global movement to reduce dependence on carbon-based fuels. Plug Power has proven itself the leader in delivering today’s alternative energy solution for tomorrow’s energy independence.

PLUG power is one of the highest growing stock in 52 weeks. More specifically, PLUG has grown from around $2 in January to over $11 dollars in March. PLUG has been a bait for many short-sellers for the past couple of weeks despite beating their earning report.

New deals and contracts on way, we believe in the company. It is currently on our bullish list. The stock can be bought on most of brokers. To our knowledge, no broker is known to have restriction on this stock.

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2 Responses to PLUG POWER INC.

  1. Ed Grimpe says:

    Plug power has never made a profit and probably will never make a profit. They have destroyed hundreds of millions of dollars of capital. Another equity offering to further dilute current shareholders. I sold short every pop and have made money every time. Back to a dollar a share shortly. Keep pumping it, every time it jumps gives me another chance to profit.

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