Market Recap 4-2 Stock Picks for 4-3

Lets start off with the Penny Picks shall we?


KNSC was on my watch list for the last few days. It was brought to my attention by @superstormstocks. It was on a complete tear , as you all know I NEVER CHASE , percentages are always against you. KNSC had a pretty nice peel back before rebounding at the end of the day watch how it unfolds if it starts out cold, pass if it starts out hot jump in. Same goes for CTTG except the fact that CTTG will have some news to help it surge. Huge surge recently great pull back which is a good re-entry point for us penny traders. THHR!! You guys must be wondering why I choose plenty of penny stocks in the .0001 range. IT IS BECAUSE IT CAN NOT GET ANY LOWER THAN .0001! You are literally looking at rewards of at least 100% while all you will lose in a worst case scenario is your commission fee. * Key here for .0001 stocks is the volume build up ( looks pretty good to me)

What a day for MannKind!. Opened at 99% ^. Only wish I played MNKD a little smarter. Bought it around 5.28 and 5.15. MNKD went south of 4$ on Monday and that would have been the optimal price. MNKD had a high of 9.30 during after hours on Tuesday but it just went south on Wednesday. Our coverage on MNKD will phase out at this point but we will gradually pick it up as we get closer to the final approval process on April 15th!. Once again congrats to those who played MNKD with our lead ! Thank you Afrezza & the FDA!

PLUG had a pretty hectic day. When the article by Seeking Alpha ” Plug Power: Unprofitable Past, Poor Fundamentals, And A Best-Case DCF Value Of $2-$2.50/Share ” I panicked. I was currently holding PLUG April 19 9$ and 11$ calls. I sold them both in a heart beat. I honestly thought that SA’s article would be the second coming Andrew Left and Citron’s report on PLUG which led to me buying 3 April 11 $7 Puts. If you do not remember in the middle of March PLUG was sitting at 11.40 mid-day before Citron’s report sent PLUG south of 6$. Basically I am in a bubble right now, I want PLUG to do well but if that happens my Puts will go down the drain. During after PLUG popped 5% in AH trading following news that they acquired ReliOn for $4M. Expansion? Signs of growth? Was this the deal the CEO was talking about? all we can take from this is that PLUG is moving in a positive direction

PHOT did not have a good or bad day. PHOT dropped 1%. This stock is still a legitimate company with solid growth and revenue. I expect to hold this stock for quite some time. ( Considering a re-entry for FITX as I am a heavy believer than Marijuana will be legalized across the nation in a few years.

MYEC- BIG BIG NEWS! MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC) going global with an iCard1 agreement To read out analysis on this click here! 

Not as big but Good News out of PRPM! PRPM is solidifying their place in the marijuana industry, for more click here

As For Our Long Term Picks

( STOCK TO STAY AWAY FROM ) KING IPO- OVERPRICED !!! KING’s IPO was a joke ( IPO pricing of 22$)  in my opinion it had one legitimate game ( one hit wonder ) . ZNGA has had more success yet they are only priced at 4-5 $.  THEY need more success/revenue to back up their value we have yet to seen a glimpse of their financials ( signals instability ) .  Great Candidate for PUT OPTIONS as the company has done nothing to warrant their current value.

LONG TERM WATCH LIST! (  Changes once every 1-2 weeks )

– ARTX As I mentioned before I sold ARTX during the selloff post earnings. This stock still has a bright future therefore I will wait for the selloff to finish and then I will assess and most likely re-enter with a position on ARTX.

For an analysis on ARTX Click here  on PLUG,FNMA,TSLA, For our Reasonings Behind FNMA click here, For Reasonings behind PLUG click here, For Reasonings behind TSLA click here .

LONG TERM PENNY PICKS- MYEC, HYSR, Marijuana Stocks (  * UTRM *, FITX, MJNA, PHOT, TRTC, HEMP, CBIS, MDBX) For our detailed analysis on the future of Marijuana Stocks  click here !

All our day trading penny stocks are based off technical analysis. Our unique methods have a success rate of 85% ! Do not forget that the odds are against us mainly due the fact that timing is key and our penny picks change day in and  day out. When trading our very own penny picks, the average holding time is about 30mins to 3 hours!. We are In and Out!!. To follow our every move follow us on twitter Hereitfirst_ Remember guys most of my penny picks are for day trading so you should be in and out!. Picks are all technically driven, I PLAY THE TRENDS not the stocks fundamentals. If the ask of one of my penny picks is beyond reach DO NOT CHASE! Live to fight another day.

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We are a non profit group/organization. Our main objective is to educate and help our subscribers, investors and prospective stock traders with investments. There is no grander feeling than changing the lives of our followers. This organization is run by full time college students and donations are appreciated. We appreciate any amount to help us keep moving forward with better picks for our subscribers. We will continue to build a better website for everyone !. 

General Disclaimer: All Statements are our opinions, invest at your own risk 

We in no way claim that we have investigated the financial , accounting, business practices of the companies that we have profiled. As a result it is recommended that you seek the guidance of a financial consultant or advisor prior to investing in any stock that we profile. Hereitfirst recommends that anyone trading or investing in securities, should do so with caution and consult with their stockbroker or financial advisor before doing so. Past performance may not be indicative of future performance. Day trading is considered highly risky and trader must accept full risk for this venture. Hereitfirst is not liable for any losses or damages, monetary or otherwise that results from buying or selling on the information found in this website or it’s e-mails. We may be long in some of the stocks that we recommend. However we do not make any recommendations to buy or sell any security. The only thing we recommend is consulting a financial consultant before you trade.


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  1. tone says:

    Awesome site. Great to see it growing this fast.


  2. tommyb1984 says:

    MNKD was great THANKS!

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