ITonis, Inc. (ITNS) in the Final Phase of Developing Cannabinoid-Based “Cloud9”

Just a few days after signing an app license agreement with MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC), ITNS announces that it is in the final phase of research and development of their cannabinoid-based product, “Cloud9”.

ITonis, Inc. has found a home in the marijuana sector as of late, with shares jumping from $0.002 per share to a high of $0.0259 per share following the multiple news releases about their advances in the sector. The most recent news of developing “Cloud9” is another sign of forward progress in this industry. ITonis, Inc. sees the need and opportunity in using cannabinoid-based products in the medical field, especially to help manage pain.

The product, Cloud9, is designed to deliver cannabinoids (CBDs) using a convenient under-the-tongue administration method. Cloud9 will be manufactured using a Supercritical CO2 Extraction process to extract CBDs from hemp oil within lawful parameters. -Marketwired  ITonis plans on making the product available in 100 – 200mg ranges.

“Our team had been developing Cloud9 and are very pleased that we can announce this new product alongside with our recent agreement with MyECheck. It was our plan to participate in the legal cannabis sector in both the product side as well as the revenue transaction side. Bringing this together should bring tremendous value to the Company and its shareholders. Please stay tuned for further updates.”

– Mark Cheung, CEO of ITonis, Inc.

What does this mean for ITNS? Just days after becoming a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, ITonis’ announcement of Cloud9 places them in the spotlight of the marijuana sector. ITNS has made all of the right moves as of late, and the jump of the stock price proves it. Working with MYEC even shows further that ITNS is sliding their hand into the cookie-jar of the billion dollar pot industry. The MyECheck app agreement will allow ITonis to collect and make payments quickly and easily in the very rapidly moving sector. Keep an eye on ITNS, it has been on my personal watchlist as of late, but this announcement has moved it towards the top.

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