ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) announces MMJ fund under Luxuriant Holdings, Inc.

In a letter directly form CEO Luther Jeffries; PRPM has announced a non-profit fund to aid families in gaining access to medical marijuana.

Upon reading and hearing many recent touching stories of families who are fighting to gain access to medical marijuana for various life changing illnesses, many involving children, we have decided that it is our responsibility to assist those in need.

– Luther Jeffries, CEO of ProTek/Luxuriant Holdings

Luxuriant Holdings announced that they will donate a portion of profits to the Luxuriant MMJ Fund. The fund will also be available to individuals and businesses to donate to.

What does this mean for PRPM? Although it may seem to be fairly non-impacting news, the announcement of the Luxuriant MMJ Fund shows that ProTek is “all-in” in the medical marijuana industry. With the positive news over the past month and the pending completion of the share retirement, PRPM is poised to return to the $0.002 per share that it traded at as recently as February 26th (seen today with share prices reaching $0.0012).

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Rosenberg (OTC Daily)

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