MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC) releases it’s annual report for 2013

Late today (March 31st), MYEC released it’s financials for 2013. After giving it a read over, there is tremendous growth. MyECheck took a big hit when the banks failed and the stock fell from $70 per share to $4 per share over just a few months. MYEC made it all the way down to $0.0001 per share around a year ago, when the company was operating at a loss.

One year later and MYEC is a hot topic of many small investing communities. The company is accommodating to everyone from marijuana companies to the government (G-Pay).

Now to the numbers:

MyECheck, Inc. has reported a net income for 2013 of $1,018,693, which is enormous growth over the -$52,230 that it reported for 2012 this time last year. For the 4th quarter of 2013 MYEC reported a net income of $465,083 which once again is leaps and bounds ahead of the same quarter in 2012, which was reported at a loss of $37,852.

This is great news, plain and simple. MYEC has been able to bring itself back from irrelevance to a potential “significant participant in the mobile payments and banking industries.”-MyECheck  On top of releasing these numbers, it also made a bold statement.

We expect 2014 to be a high growth year for MyECheck, particularly in the third and forth quarters when transaction revenue from current licensing deals starts to be realized.

– MyECheck, Inc Annual Report 2013

What does this mean for MYEC? Growth, growth and growth. MYEC has hit the ground running coming into 2014. This report is for the time period before MyECheck, Inc. announced it’s expansion into the marijuana and government sectors. If you weren’t sold on MYEC before, there’s a good chance you are now. My thoughts on the company’s potential in 2014 directly mirror those of the company’s executives. Growth; especially in the second half of the year.

See the report in it’s entirety here.

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5 Responses to MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC) releases it’s annual report for 2013

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    • no doubt about it. I feel terrible about MYEC I shorted it from .018 to .025. Was gunna get back in at .02 a week or 2 ago but my funds that were transferring from TD Ameritrade did not get to my Scottrade account Fast enough

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