ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) CEO explains 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (TDEY) deal

Luther Jeffries released a letter to shareholders tonight clarifying the recent news involving the TDEY agreement.

I have received various emails and messages on Facebook about the terms of yesterdays
announced sale of our proprietary ERP software MaryGen to 3D Eye Solutions. The terms of the
sale are as listed:
– Transfer of ERP software MaryGen from Luxuriant Holdings to 3D Eye Solutions, along
with the contractor developing the software.
– We receive the finished product for use in our company, which amounts to a huge savings for our company.
– We have the option to distribute the finished product.
– Compensation – We are receiving 50,000 shares of preferred stock in TDEY, with a conversion rate of 10,000 to 1. This allows us to convert our preferred into 500,000,000 shares of common stock. (at today’s closing price of .0013 making the spot value $650,000)

As I stated this is a huge win/win for our company and its shareholders. We can fully fund 3
large growers, who in turn will generate millions of dollars in revenue annually, in a completely
non-dilutive debt free manner.

Jeffries goes on to bash “individuals or entities with ulterior motives”; and then thank supporters and shareholders for loyalty.

What does this mean for PRPM? Luther Jeffries coming out to protect ProTek is a big deal. PRPM has faced scrutiny on their Facebook and on free forums which may have slightly hurt the stock (which is currently trading at $0.001 per share after hitting $0.002 just over a month ago). The company is currently in the process of retiring up to 2 billions shares (see here); between the CEO coming to bat for his company, the acquiring of TDEY preferred shares and the retiring of their own shares, I completely expect PRPM to be a big player over the next few months.

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Rosenberg (OTC Daily)

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