Winners – TWTR, FB, V

Today’s Trades

By Cortes Analysis

For those of you who followed some or all of my ‘open trades’ on my website, you would of went 3 for 4 – 3 wins, 1 loss. FB was perfect! The Oculus deal surprised me but thank god the market sentiment did not like that acquirement! TWTR was my biggest winner out of these 4 trades. TWTR was also the most obvious to me – I will buy more puts when I see it drop below my next target; I will keep you guys posted!. V traded fairly today with a gap up at market open followed by a nice drop. I took a $10 loss on MA because I didn’t like how it was trading after market open. Overall, I hope I made you guys money. ClickHere visit my website and check my daily analysis everyday for stocks that you might like. My main goal is to help many people make money. You can also send me a stock request for me to analyze. Have a great day!

Instagram: @CortesAnalysis

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3 Responses to Winners – TWTR, FB, V

  1. TRMS says:

    How much money are you investing in UTRM?

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