United Treatment Centers, Inc. (UTRM) official website and studio launch

On February 26th, UTRM announced that they would retire three billion shares of common stock. Three weeks later the share retirement was complete and the climb began.

UTRM opened up trading on March 19th at $0.0027 per share. Two hours later it hit $0.0045 per share. Two days later it hit $0.0082 per share. Another two days later it hit $0.0144 per share. Today UTRM hit resistance and finished the day at $0.0113. In five business days, UTRM has seen over 400% growth and it has yet to release it’s official website.

The wait is over. United Treatment Centers, Inc. (dba PotNetwork420.com) is set to release it’s official website on March 28th. This website is “designed to be the CNN of the marijuana industry”-PotNetwork  The website will not only function as an up to the minute news outlet for marijuana sector stocks, but it will also provide information about crops and products. PotNetwork will be broadcasting to a unsaturated market. Major television networks have yet to air a marijuana company commercial to a national audience; and the most recent attempt has been stopped in it’s tracks (see here).

Legal/medical marijuana has become the hot-topic of stocks, politics and social media. It is smoked legally and illegally by millions around the world every single day. SAMHDA has estimated that 40% of American adults have tried weed or smoked weed. It is the topic of main stream radio songs, it is romanticized in movies, marijuana has become a central part of American culture.

What does this mean for UTRM? United Treatment Centers, Inc. is tapping into uncharted waters. It does not only want to post daily about news and stocks; they have signed with Hollywood producers and set it’s eyes on becoming “the CNN of the marijuana industry.” They are aiming to become the media outlet that companies such as HEMP, CBIS, MJNA, APRU, etc. would use on a daily basis to promote their product, and also be the go-to source for shareholders and potential shareholders. There is a huge upside for this pioneer in this expanding and flourishing industry.

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10 Responses to United Treatment Centers, Inc. (UTRM) official website and studio launch

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  3. reirei says:

    im not sure UTRM is a good play now, it has taking its time to grow andd now its over we should look form somthing else imo

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