MyECheck (MYEC) expands into the government sector

There was some great news this afternoon out of MYEC. The electronic payment solutions provider has announced the launch of MyECheck G-Pay, “the only fully electronic payment service that is capable of processing fully electronic transfers from government owned bank accounts.”-Marketwired  G-Pay is a plug-in to the existing MyECheck v3.0 that will allow for government agencies to transfer funds between government owned checking account securely and easily. Along with the news of the expansion into the government sector, MYEC announced that it has been certified within the state of California. This certification allows MyECheck, Inc. to bid on California state government contracts as a certified vendor for payment services.

“Until now, government entities had two ways to make payments, paper check or wire transfer, the vast majority of these transactions being paper checks. The new MyECheck system is the first in the nation to facilitate fully electronic real-time government account payments. The system is also the best solution for tax payments, utility payments and other business (B2G) and personal (P2G) payments.”

– Ed Starrs of MyECheck

What does this news mean for MYEC? This news follows the announcement in late February that MyECheck, Inc. was expanding into the medical/legal marijuana sector. That announcement allowed MYEC to jump from $0.004 per share to $0.03 per share in less than 10 days. Expect more news and growth out of MyECheck, Inc. as the delve deeper into these two, new, HUGE markets.

Best regards,

Rosenberg (OTC Daily)

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3 Responses to MyECheck (MYEC) expands into the government sector

  1. Too bad Scottrade isn’t allowing MYEC buys!

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