You Ask The Question We Answer 3-14

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Q.what do u think about fitx prpm and nvax
A. I don’t think much of NVAX. I like PRPM in terms of day trading it has a very good share structure that allows to move at a good rate. FITX is a pot stock, like any marijuana stock, it is an intriguing stock to watch for the LONG. One think I would say is that they have very high expectations in their productions. 2 things can happen, they could surprise the world with their results or they could fall flat on their face
Q. Do you do the same kind of strategy as Timothy Sykes?
 A. For the most part I am a fundamental trader but I also use technical analysis when it come to pennies ( mainly the harmonic pattern). From what I have heard Tim Sykes is purely fundamental but I am not one to criticize because after all he has made millions and I have only made thousands.
Q. how many shares of TSLA do you own?
A. I own 5 shares of TSLA on my personal account and I bought 5 shares at 210 a few days after earnings.
Q. Are we still doing LATF for the long?
A. No. I personally do not trust any penny stocks long. Don’t forget they are penny stocks for a reason. Bad companies with poor management riddled with failures. If they were legitimate companies they would not be in the OTC sector. There are a few exception such as HYSR, MYEC , Marijuana stocks as they are the only penny stocks I would consider holding LONG.
Q. Hysr you certain worth the long?
A.  HYSR is good for the long because it’s in developmental stages. The green fuel sector is the new up and comer and it’s creating the greenest energy source possible, sea water and waste water into hydrogen energy. It’s high risk high reward because if all of the work in the lab does not pan out into a product or system, it’s dead. If they can perfect it and patent the system of turning unusable water into energy, it will be worth billions of dollars
Q. Are you holding any marijuana stocks for the long in anticipation for them to blow up in months/years to come if legalization happens in more states? If you are which ones? If you aren’t then what’s your strategy, or what do you suggest being that you stated u anticipate legalization soon based on all the shit load of tax money being made.
A. As of now I am not holding any marijuana stocks long term due to a variety of reasons. Reason 1 while the legalization of marijuana is certainly picking up it still has a variety of political and ethical issues to climb. Laws have to be restructured in order to accommodate the new found legalization of marijuana, and there are still many states that are hesitant to the idea of legalizing marijuana. Furthermore, at this point there have been some instances people who invested in marijuana stocks and were scammed. The reason for this is because at the end of teh day we must realize that marijuana stocks are OTC stocks and have just recently caught our attention in turn these stocks are not heavily regulated. Lastly there are just much better opportunities out there than marijuana stocks if you are in it for the long haul. Examples of good long term stocks at this point are Tesla, Plug, BLDP , Fnma. ( Juan’s Personal Opinion, As a Team we all have different opinions ) Mitchell is a big advocator for holding MJ stocks.
Q. Do you suggest going in large on Tesla for the long? since they’re building factories in Europe.
A. Yes Tesla is certainly a very good long term stock as they are currently facing a problem companies dream of having. Tesla’s biggest problem is an inability to supply the excess demand for their cars. Furthermore, Tesla needs to find a way to make their cars more affordable (around the $30,000-$35,000 range) this can only be accomplished if their is a breakthrough in battery technology. If Tesla can find a solution to these two problems their is no doubt that shares of tesla will be worth around $350-$500 in the future. Plus it wouldn’t hurt if rumors of Tesla and Apple teaming up or even Apple buying out Tesla become a reality. For now though Tesla still faces many obstacles and it is probable that their stock price will depreciate to around the $190-$200 range.
Q. at what price did u get in to plug? Are u holding for the long term or for a few weeks? Do you trust and believe they can grow in the next year or is it like how that guy said a casino stocK.
A. For Plug you could take a conservative route and sell off, take whatever profits you made from its recent climb as it is likely Plug will experience a slight pullback in the coming week or two. Then again I do believe that for the long run Plug is a great stock. Plug’s earnings certainly backup the idea that they are finally headed in the right direction and that the possibility of it locking up contracts with other big firms are likely. In that case Plug’s stock price will only continue ascending. This is certainly a stock that’s worth watching and that I believe has the possibility of hitting $15-$20 if it can continue doing what it has done thus far.

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