Stock Picks for the Long/ Short 3-10

Lets start off with Fannie Mae. We seem to be receiving a lot of questions why this stock is a must BUY!. FNMA (Federal National Mortgage Association Fannie Mae) is a government-sponsored enterprise chartered by the United States Congress to support liquidity and stability in the secondary mortgage market, where mortgage-related assets are purchased and sold. -Scottrade If you are unaware as to one of the causes of the recession in 2008, I will report that it was due to mortgage issues. People were taking out mortgages at an amount in which they could not realistically pay pack. FNMA would buy these mortgages from banks which would lead to FNMA having all these problems. In short when the market crashed, nobody had money to pay back all these loans and FNMA was riddled in DEBT. Of course the US government bailed them out but to this day they are still government controlled ( The US government bailed out FNMA with $116,149,000,000) . For those who were wondering, FNMA was worth 80-84$ at its HEIGHT! At its lowest FNMA was worth .20 A SHARE!!. Fast forward to 2013 and lucky for us our hedge fund manager at Hereitfirst Rudy Cortes bought 4000 shares of FNMA at $.50. The reason that this stock is a must buy is because FNMA only owes the government $2,308,000,000. That might seem like a large number but FNMA was given a $116,149,000,000 and has paid most of it off over the years. This is America, FNMA will be let go and when it does watch for this stock to run with the winds. Look at all the other companies that were let go, Ford,General Motors, Citibank, those companies are now not only surviving they are prospering!

PLUG- PLUG has seen tremendous growth over the last 4 months ( Over 4000%) as it has a 52 week low of .12 cents a share. Our first PLUG alert came at 1.45 and we rode the momentum train all the way to 4$ and sold in early January. PLUG ended up going up to 4.90 during that run but that is not a big deal hard to complain about 100%+ profit. Our second alert came at 3.06- 2.93. I bought 216 shares of PLUG at 3.06, it took a nose dive to 2.80-2.90 and I ended up buying 100 more shares at 2.93. Fast forward current day PLUG is sitting at 8.27 and I am looking at profits of 150%. PLUG has a history of over promising and under delivering which works short term but is horrible long term. Compare that to TSLA? Elon Musk is notorious for underpromising just so he can over deliver! Now which company would you rather own. I know what is running through your head… if he is saying that, then why in the world DOES HE OWN PLUG?? Well the answer to that question is that this company could end up being the biggest growth stock of 2014 if it continues on the pace that it is on. It could grow as Tesla has within a year or become even better. PLUG is locking up contracts with big companies such as Walmart, Fedex, etc. Quite frankly this company can’t afford to screw up this time around. Plug has a history of over promising and not delivering. Another let down would be catastrophic for this company. Finally it looks like management has figured out how to right the ship and their ability to cut costs, lockup contracts, and what we believe will be an earnings beat this upcoming week are more than enough reasons for me to recommend investing in Plug. This company is far from done in rewarding its investors. EARNINGS FOR PLUG WILL BE HUGE, if they HIT on ER this stock could go to the moon $15 manageable is very possible (10 for sure) as a couple of things have to go PLUG’s way such as PLUG’s momentum leading to its ER….which brings me to my next topic. FCEL is set to release earnings on 3/10/14. I hate to say it but stocks within a sector have major influences on each other. For example when DDD has profit warnings EVERY STOCK in the 3D sector saw drops of 10-20%!!! So basically FCEL will have an important role in PLUG’s momentum as it heads into earnings. If FCEL has bad earnings investors may feel bearish on PLUG leading to an unwanted drop. Stocks to stay away from.

Boeing BA- After the news that hairline cracks had been discovered in the wings of about 40 787 Dreamliners and the missing BOEING 777 that disappeared which is interesting development since the 777 is one of the safest commercial airplanes out there. This is disturbing news to me as I am a frequent flyer, I often visit my family in Asia and have traveled on the Boeing 777 specifically the BOEING 777 300 ER. I know its the ER because the BA 777 300ER is designed for longer flights since I prefer non stop flights from New York City to Hong Kong. I sold my shares of BA along withCMG last Monday but for those who currently own Boeing, I would sell if you are SHORT the combination of the hairline cracks and missing airplane is just not a good combination for BA’s shares.

Other stocks that we are LONG/HOLDING Other blue chip/longterm stocks are CMG, TRMR, FNMA, FMCC, MA, GOLD, BRK-B, NKE, NOW, ICLD, GNTX, XOM.TSLA.

PENNY STOCKS FOR 3/10 APRU!!!!! ( high recommend ) & REAC. Remember guys most of my penny picks are for day trading so you should be in and out!. Picks are all technically driven, I PLAY THE TRENDS not the stocks fundamentals. If the ask of one of my penny picks is beyond reach DO NOT CHASE! Live to fight another day.

All our penny stocks are based off technical analysis. Our unique methods have a success rate of 89% ! Do not forget that the odds are against us mainly due the fact that timing is key and our penny picks change day in and  day out. When trading our very own penny picks, the average holding time is about 30mins to 3 hours!. We are In and Out!!. To follow our every move follow us on twitter Hereitfirst_

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5 Responses to Stock Picks for the Long/ Short 3-10

  1. tommyb1984 says:

    in FNMA since 3.90 great returns so far!!! will donate again!

  2. TreyDey says:

    Nice write up. Really enjoy reading your point of view on things. Will be jumping into FNMA this week.

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