Stock Picks for 3-4 Along with 3-3 Market Recap

The growing crisis in Ukraine is having a negative impact on the financial markets on Monday.The Dow closed at 16,167.46 ( down 155 points).

Earnings Update – SSYS ( giant in the 3D printing sector ) beat earnings but investors were not satisfied with the results as the stock dropped 3% during trading hours

SCTY postponed its ER AGAIN!! Very peculiar for a company to delay its earnings not once but twice!. Seems like something fishy is going on for the energy company. I no longer own SCTY but if there is bad news on Solar City my main concern would be how it would affect Tesla Motors mainly due to the fact that they are connected by Elon Musk.


Penny Stock Recap

Great day for SFPI  took a small loss on KALO . Made 38% on SFPI and 10% on GTSO loss around 5% from KALO never bought TDEY.


As for Blue Chips Stocks

I sold Chipotle for a 14% gain after buying it at 498. Sold Boeing at a 6$ profit YES 6$!! I did not want to have that many holding stocks in my portfolio so I decided to sell CMG, BA to have some flexibility for options and etc.

PLUG HAD A GREAT DAY! Gaining 24% during trading hours and it recently broke the 6$ mark. PLUG is on the verge on hitting resistance level  1 ( $6.27) during after market hours. I am up 70% on this stock after buying PLUG around 2.93-3.06. Love when my followers leave me feedback and keep me posted with how my picks are going!


Tesla started out on a bad foot but rebounded to close the day at 250 (up 3% )

FNMA took a step back after a torrid stretch last week.

Our Steal of a Stock Pick TRMR ( undervalued) has been pretty stagnant now, we might look to dump it soon. We purchased the stock at 3.99 in 2013 and TRMR is not progressing like we hoped it would.

Long term /Blue chip stocks above^^ Recommendation is to watch if PLUG starts out hot, if it does jump in. FNMA is a buy for tomorrow as it took a step back today. Do not get me wrong, Chipotle and BA are still great long terms but I just felt the urge to relocate my funds. TSLA… same old story BUY AND HOLD!


All our penny stocks are based off technical analysis. Our unique methods have a success rate of 89% ! Do not forget that the odds are against us mainly due the fact that timing is key and our penny picks change day in and  day out. When trading our very own penny picks, the average holding time is about 30mins to 3 hours!. We are In and Out!!. To follow our every move follow us on twitter Hereitfirst_

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4 Responses to Stock Picks for 3-4 Along with 3-3 Market Recap

  1. Cody Miller says:

    What do you think of PMCM? Near future?

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  2. luisalvidrez says:

    At what time do you think it’s best to buy the stocks?

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    • hereit1st says:

      i personally make all my trades in the morning. I structured my school schedule so i can trade actively from 830-12. feel like most of the actions happens in the morning, just a personal opinion and perference

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