Time Is money, and The World LOVES To Waste Time.


Well folks, Its 12:15 am as i begin to write this, and that when the Forex (Foreign Exchange Trading) game really starts, for me at least since im state-side. (For those of my readers that are In the Uk and Europe/Asia/Africa i will do MY best “fingers-crossed, no promises” to post at around lunch-time for you folks, so while you are at work, you could tune in and check it out. Im going to have to start off by spoon-feeding you folks, and for those who are veteran traders and holders hang-tight, let’s strengthen our foundation ehh?

Alright, like i said its around 12 am EST ( Eastern Standard Time; Nyc) In Europe the average time is between 6am-8am, in Asia between 9am-10am This is the BEST time by far for me to trade. WHY? you ask, well i will tell you why folks. The first reason is the following, I have a lot of room to question my trades, NOT many people in the states are currently trading, because the harsh truth is that MOST people have day-jobs. Day in and day OUT, they invest effort, time, blood, sweat and tears to receive a bonus check at the end of the year that basically says “F*ck you for trying =) *smiley face* Im here to throw down a shovel into that grave that you’ve been digging since you first heard you’re teacher say ” People have to work 9-5 jobs to live” Agree to disagree.

I hope NONE of you are vegetarians because LOTS of “F*ck’s, D*mn’s and Sh*t’s will be thrown around, when the trades start off” This is due to the fact that MOST Beginner traders fail miserably at Forex, why else do you think so FEW people know how to really work it. Its a beautiful market, with MUCH room for growth and leverage. Over the course of a month and a half, you go from being a camel-jockey into a Phd-leveled under-the-counter charts analyst, and don’t be surprised if you start telling your wife to keep things “Stable at home” and to “Stop nagging you about the excessive alcohol consumption” because your stress levels will be going threw the roof. Get the Gin, invest in casket of tonic, and let’s get this Bitch on the road.

Nick, why do you choose such odd hours? Well heres why, MOST of you are asleep at this time, and if not, you aren’t working, but the company is moving, The stocks are rotating, The saying goes ” MONEY NEVER SLEEPS” so be smart, pick focal times. In Europe most are spending HUNDREDS of THOUSAND of Euro, Its only 7-8 am Busy,busy… People buying Gas, buying Breakfast, Banks opening up, Pay-checks rolling, Clocks-ticking, Trains-bustling. People are SPENDING the nessescary money to get to there jobs, to feed themselves, the dialy grind. So the Euro right now is DROPPING.. Since more of is being used, Now i had  bought 1000 holds on the Euro-Dollar Trade earlier because i bought earlier in the week days prior guess what, ONCE 10-11am hits on a Thursday/Friday (3-4am EST) and MOST people are at work, and the constant flow is subsiding….And companies are borrowing or selling/cashing in… They are holding that money to pay employees at the end of the week.. the Reserve gets lighter, Less volume, More worth. I’m doing what? You got that right.. IM CASHING IN. 1000.00 USD bought me 690.00 Euro, when it was 1:0.69 now… The Euro goes to about 0.73, I just made 0.04 Profit per Euro. Im sitting at 730 Euro. I TECHNICALLY JUST made 40.00 Euro, I can go buy myself a  few packs of smokes and a bottle of Scotch ( If i was in Europe ;D that’s for you Euro folks, sorry Uk you get love next)

But Nick, what is 40.00 Euro? I need to make MORE.. I need to support my family, i DON’T want to work my day-job anymore.. I want to make MILLIONS! Well, partner.. that’s swell, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. I just dumbed it down, and mashed it up, and spoon-fed you a can of Gerber’s carrot/apple baby food. This was the simplest way to entice you, to begin your interest. To allow your juices to flow and pump, to spark your interest if you must. I just want you folks to understand, what YOUR companies do with the money they have, I’m sure MOST of you wrap your mind around this thought every d*mn time they throw the word 401k around. (Im only putting *’s because i don’t want any of you folks to get butt-hurt from the profanity, but lets face it most of you are adults, and you are stressed enough, so let’s express ourselves. I expect comments and questions.

Thanks for Reading,
Nisim(Nick) -Forex Trader, Business Analyst and Developer.

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8 Responses to Time Is money, and The World LOVES To Waste Time.

  1. Ariel says:

    Is the forex only used for currency exchanges like explained above? And do you need a special trading account for foreign exchanges or will any trading account work?

    • nmstock22 says:

      The Forex is in fact used ONLY for currency trades, any currency you can think of that is stable and situated is there. I once had a question like, ” Is Crypto-currency in Forex?” that is a negative. The hub for Forex trades require the ability to read charts and analyze. I would suggest looking into http://www.forex.com/ and you could get started with a Free account, they start you off with a 50,000 Pool. Its a good way to learn, it helps to reinforce and to learn. forex has NO relation with Trade account such as Scotttrade/Tdameritrade etc. At least NOT to my knowledge.

  2. jobs trading says:

    Hello, i think that i saw you visited my site thus i came to “return the
    favor”.I’m trying to find things to improve my site!I
    suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

    • nmstock22 says:

      How goes it “Jobs trading” One of the other authors may or may not have checked out your site, but Im glad you asked such a question nonetheless. All written articles are copywritten ©2014; Hereit1st.com Admin Registrar. So as long as you use our info, you MUST both add “©2014; Hereit1st.com Admin Registrar. ” and add ” Hereit1st.com” to ANY word-for-word info used on our website. We work closely with our Admin’s and Internet Servicing team to locate all of our works that are set out, So if they find something that we created used without that form; We may take legal action against holders of said “Website, or Domain”

      Thank you for understanding. So again, you can use our stuff, just give us credit =) no one likes a thief, we want to help you, and we would like for you to help us.

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