Pennies on the dollar, Feet on the counter.

Well, look at that President’s day and my first official post. Let me start you folks off with a bit of a twist, I know we are all supposed to be formal here, and number-crunching, penny-counting, hiding our financial gains from one another. Well I’m not exactly ONE of THOSE guys, Im more of the abrasive, push-threw, don’t look back and weep until the movie is over type of guys. You could simply call me Nick.

We are all here to make money, so take of your coat, unbutton the first 3 buttons of that tight slim-fit dress-shirt, show some chest hair ( Cleavage for the girls ;D) and plop off them loafers. I just want to say a few words before i begin, I want to thank you kind folks (Authors, and Staff) for inviting me to join such a project, I truly am inspired by the goal and function of such a place, I truly wish to see you folks (myself included now) hahaha, to grow into a reputable site/firm were people from all walks of the financial rat-race can come and make a few quick bucks, and Hey! we might even have a few millionaires come about threw practice, effort, and dedication to our cause. I understand the relationship between the Advised ( Readers) and the Consultants (Authors) holds a strong “For the people, against the machine” stance, and i respect that, and adore that.

I will NOT be disclosing my age off the bat, because i believe its irrelevant, i believe in my personal scope, that ANYBODY and ANYONE can make money, You just have to be patient and smart. Let them plow the fields, Let us reap and sow the harvest. Most companies have internal funds and trades that occur on a daily basis, And in todays economy it isn’t easy to survive, everybody is penny-concious, yet dollar-spendy. Its NO longer about Business psychologists, most of those jobs are dieting today, now its about Sociology and the way the populations focus and general scope works. ( Were people want to invest, were people want to hold back) Why else have we had MORE penny-stock based investment movements in history than ever before? My words are quite literally a tribute to the testament that has been painted by the market thus far. All the bit my approach is unconventional, I DO NOT trade Stocks, Portions, or anything of that sort. I trade MONEY.

When the People have money, Sell them things, When the people are broke, SELL THEM MONEY! That is what i do, i sell MONEY. In my day job, and in my trades i sell the possibility of a future, I thrive off of the movement of money, when you folks buy into a pennystock such as PSID for example, and spend say 0.067 $ per, You trade with what? You trade with…. MONEY!, Were-as I’m sitting there with my feet on my table, one sock on, with a half-buttoned dress-shirt sneering in the fact that i just profited because of another’s ATTEMPT to make money. Im like the Federal Reserve, You spend money i make money, (Taxes) You DONT spend money, I still make it ( Taxes) Hahaha. So how about it folks, In a volatile market such as this one, why not play the Insurance bet in the game of blackjack. (21 for those of you in  Europe,Africa etc.) Ill write again soon.

Thanks for Reading,
Nisim(Nick) -Forex Trader, Business Analyst and Developer.

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4 Responses to Pennies on the dollar, Feet on the counter.

  1. tommyb1984 says:

    Don’t trade forex but i can’t wait to learn some tips from you !

  2. nmstock22 says:

    Hahaha thats a mutual feeling. I too wish to learn. From both readers and writers alike

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