The Dow was up .17% NASDAQ was down .27% and the S&P was down .03%. 2014 has gotten off to a booming start for my stocks. For the second consecutive day my portfolio has gained 9%. VJET has gained 18% the last 2 days. FXIT has gained 85% over the last few days and BIOD gained 10% as i purchased BIOD at 2.92 during pre market trading hours.
As for yesterday’s predictions. TWTR ended up hitting the Strike Price of 70$ ( 70.43) LNKD continued to drop albeit slightly and PLUG’s momentum continued for the second straight day as it ended the day at 2.62. Put in mind that plug was hovering around $ 1.50 share before the new year.
As for next week’s picks, look into BIOD, ETRM ,ONCY.. BIOD has gone up 20 and 10% the last few days due to the latest news. Biotech rely solely on momentum and speculation. Increased amount of momentum and speculation leads to massive rally’s such as the one OXBT had in the final week of October and early week of November in which it gained 420% over the course of 5 trading days
Be careful of ARIAD it is due for a pullback in the near future 

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