Taking a look into Tremor (TRMR)

Consider investing into tremor as around two months ago the company dropped over 50% because of a bad earnings report it went from beig worth around 10 a share to being worth 4.80 a share and dropped as low as 3.85 a share. However since then tremor has been on the Road to recovery ever since it released its dismal earnings report shareholders have been skeptical about putting their money into tremor but insider have not in the past 2 months tremor has experienced and increased amount of insider buying as much as 5 directors from tremor have out increased their controlling interest in tremor of these 5 directors 4 of them have increase their controlling interest by atleast 10% while the financials surrounding tremor are still unclear their is no doubt that tremor is on the road back to recovery and offers investors a 100% return over the next 6 months their should be nothing more encouraging to investors than seeing the directors of that certain company risking their own money in their company 10 out of 10 times this indicated that good times are ahead for the company the last close tremor had increased 10% expect many more of these good days to come .
-The key here is the increased insider trading and buy ratings issued on it. To find inside trading go to your brokerage, ( I use scottrade)
Step 1. Go to detailed Quote
Step 2. Put in TRMR
Step 3. Go to Insiders
Step 4. The graphs below will show the insider activity.
(Increased Insider Activity is a positive signal)


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