The 3D printing industry has been on fire over the last few weeks. DDD (78.60) SSYS (124.10) VJET (52.40) 30% this past week ONVO (11.90) with ONVO gaining approximately 50% over the last week! Although i own 31 shares of DDD i feel that ONVO is a very interesting stock to look at with the concept of 3D printing of human tissues.

Meru (meru networks) on the verge of breaking out.

jcp (jcpenny) is our comeback stock of the year.

Other thoughts- Twtr-Twitter absolutely overvalued at 40+



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6 Responses to STOCK MARKET

  1. maria says:

    Thanks for the advice!

  2. Abooty says:

    This is sooo cool….

  3. hereit1st says:

    i bought twitter at 43 what do you think i should do

  4. hereit1st says:

    *error explaining twitter: twitters ipo was released at 26 a share however it hit 45 before the market opened. only insiders were able to buy twitter at 26 although it went up to 50$ a share, the average everyday trader would only have made a 5$ profit per share at best. ever since then it has been on a downward spiral

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